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Final 48 hours Choose Your Own Adventure Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire Kickstarter Campaign

2014-01-24 17:00:39 by ulfusNG

I'm running a kickstarter campaign at the moment to fund the illustrations for my choose your own adventure book: Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire. I published the drafts here a while ago and it seemed a bit popular so I thought I'd post that the campaign has just started in case anyone wanted to read the entire thing.




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2014-01-24 20:08:10

Just from this single illustration I am hooked! I would love to read CYOA like this, especially since I never see them around anymore.


2014-01-25 13:08:16

very cool


2014-01-25 18:54:53

I really, really hope the writer pack doesn't backfire. I don't think we're going to get to $10,000 but maybe $2,000 will be a reasonable goal to wish for.

Killing Hitler, what could possibly go wrong? Good luck man, it's a great idea and you're a talented enough writer to pull it off.


2014-01-26 03:38:56

I feel like it needed higher tiers in order to get some of the stretch goals, from the looks of it more than what was able would have been willing to do 200+.


2015-04-06 11:36:34

I miss you </3